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Distant Water

creative documentary  I  8’  I  2017
filmed in Italy

filmed and edited by
Robin Petré

developed during La Guarimba Art Residency

Time flows like water, and with it memory: you cannot hold onto it, it moves in unpredictable ways and slips through your fingers. But sometimes time, like water, might leave a trace in its path. Through its connection to the water, the southern Italian region of Calabria bears witness to its own past: forged into the very rock that holds the entire village of Cleto, the sea that once covered these lands has left behind innumerable fossilized sea animals.
Gisa and Gino have lived their whole lives in the small Italian village of Cleto. Now half abandoned, this ancient town stands as a sign of another time, with its porous stonewalls crumbling like old, dry skin. Among these majestic walls, Gina and Giso go about living their lives as always – they, too, are bricks in the game of time where no one and nothing is left unaffected. 


Doclisboa International Film Festival
Intimalente Ethnographic Film Festival