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(Eng.: What Remains)

creative documentary short
9 min.; Belgium 2015
Levn is about memory, about childhood stories and the way certain events – big or small – stick with us through life and come to make us who we are.

In the film, the director and narrator lets you in on two parallel events that she went through as a kid, partly told through the eyes of her own 8-year-old self. It is an intimate, vulnerable film
with layers touching upon loss, nostalgia, injustice and hope.
This creative documentary employs abstract images and sound in a blend made to resemble the vivid imagination and emotions of children. This way the film brings you along on a sensorial journey in time, while soundscape and visuals together awaken your own recollection of the memory of the senses.


ⓒ RAYAK / Robin Petré -- all rights reserved