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16mm experimental documentary short
by María Grazia Goya & Robin Petré

The film was shot in collaboration with Cinéma Copains / Summer Academy Salzburg. 

Original title: Stream
Spanish title: Corrientes
Danish title: Strøm

Country: Austria, Denmark            
Year: 2017
Film genre: Experimental documentary short
Shooting format: 16mm
Running time: 3’


Stream drifts across the screen and floats around its subject without ever touching ground. Through dreamlike images and unintelligible sounds, the film conveys an atmosphere of restlessness and peaceful confusion.

It is a film about the state of being in between one destination and the next without belonging to either one. This rootless film follows its own logic, which is not bound to chronology or physical space.

16mm film lends a materiality to this otherwise diffuse and intangible story. The unpredictable behavior of the filmstrip mimics the uncontrollable unpredictability of life as we move on along our journey.



30th Minimalen Short Film Festival
Trondheim, Norway 2018

︎︎︎︎︎︎︎Nominated in the Nordic Competition

13th Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground

Argentina, 2018

Expanding Film
York, UK 2017

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