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1 min. I Cuba 2018

          In just 60 seconds, IMPERMANENCE reflects on the ephemeral inconsistency of both the natural and the artificial world while taking on an unusual perspective: that of a tiny Caribbean beetle.

Recorded in Cuba 2018, the macro-world of the film is built upon Cuban flowers, leaves, branches, insects, matchboxes, empty cans, dried seeds, roots and more collected around the island and presented in single frames.


Azores Fringe Festival
Azores, Portugal 2019

Emergo Festival of Contemporary Art
Cesena, Italy 2019

Cardiff Mini Film Festival
Cardiff, Wales 2019

Directed, photographed & animated by : Robin Petré
Supervision & guidance by : Paul Bush
Sound design by : Claudine Fanilia

Created during the Maestría de Cine Alternativo
La Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión
San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba


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