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Ecuador 2018/2019

feature lenght creative documentary by Robin Petré and María Grazia Goya

The humble village of Tiink is defined by frictions between ever-progressing western civilization, indigenous culture, and overwhelming nature. Especially now during the current construction of a gigantic new copper mine on indigenous Shuar land. THE SOUND OF TiiNK is a poetic, creative documentary following the Shuar people, the animals, and the rainforest around Tiink in their struggle to protect and rebuild their homes, their lives and their dignity... [see more]

Co-produced by Copper Views (Holland) and Ostinato Cine (Ecuador) in collaboration with RAYAK films. 


2015 creative documentary short
by María Grazia Goya

Lorum ipsum...  

Den Røde Hest

2017 experimental short
by Robin Petré & María Grazia Goya

Lorum lorum ... 
ⓒ RAYAK / Robin Petré -- all rights reserved