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ⓒ 2015-2024 Robin Petré
all rights reserved

From the Wild Sea

creative documentary | 78’ | 2021
filmed in England, Ireland, the Netherlands

director Robin Petré
producer Malene Flindt Pedersen
cinematography María Grazia Goya, Robin Petré
editing Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
sound design Thomas Pape

produced by Hansen & Pedersen (DK)
with the support of New Danish Screen

FROM THE WILD SEA is a poetic documentary on the complex collision between human and nature. We are taken on a disturbing and fascinating journey into the emerging Anthropocene Era, seen from both the human and animal perspective. As humans attempt to rescue marine creatures, each individual animal looks back at us with inquisitive eyes. Through an intimate visual experience that follows the animals through rehabilitation, we get to see and sense the world we humans have created: Right before our eyes, an estranged and most curious place. The film paints a sensorial, touching picture of our modern world while exploring how we are all connected in an immense, nuanced system stretching far beyond the human race.


Nominated for the Berlinale Documentary Award
Berlin International Film Festival
Nominated for the Bodil Award for Best Documentary (Bodilprisen)
Danish Film Critics Association

Best Sound Design
SIMA Awards
GRAND PRIX for Best Film
Global Science Film Festival
Best Marine Film
Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival
Honourable Mention for the Impact Award
VIFF Vancouver Intl. Film Festival

Best Film About Nature Special Mention
Ji.hlava Intl. Documentary Film Festival

Special Mention for the Youth Voice Award
Inconvenient Films Intl. Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
Nominated for the Sustainable Future Award
Sydney Film Festival
Nominated in the Documentary Competition &
for the Science Film Award
Zürich Film Festival

Nominated for the First Feature Award
Sheffield DocFest
Nominated for the Green Warsaw Award
Millenium Docs Against Gravity

Nominated for the Healthy Workplaces Film Award
Nominated for the Peace Award
Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück
Nominated in the Feature Competition
Piccolo Grande Cinema
SBIFF Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival
Cinema Verité Iran Intl. Documentary Film Festival
Reykjavik International Film Festival
Sarajevo Film Festival
Cork Film Festival
True/False Film Festival
Nara Intl. Film Festival
Norwegian Intl. Film Festival Haugesund
FIC Valdivia
Bergen International Film Festival
Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
Biografilm Festival | Intl. Celebration of Lives
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
Docpoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival
Tulum International Film Festival
Krakow Film Festival
FICMEC Intl. Environmental Film Festival of the Canary Islands
FilmAmbiente Film Festival
Screening Rights Film Festival  
CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival
One World Romania
Olympia International Film Festival
Northern Lights Film Festival
Ecocup Green Documentary Film Festival
Darßer NaturfilmFestival
KAFF Kara Animal Film Festival
Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival
Planet in Focus
Keď môžem pomôžem
MDFM Mostra Internacional de
V Mostra Internacional De Cinema Documental ‘Mares da Fin do Mundo’

Buster Film Festival
Noordelijk Film Festival
Bnp Paribas Krakow Green Film Festival
Cinemare Film Festival
Ved Vandet Festival
Eco Documentaries
Cormorán Film Fest
Eco Trip Festival

“Laying bare the ambivalent relationship between society and threatened eco-systems, the haunting imagery patiently and respectfully opens a space for deep reflection. A relentless gaze into the abyss of the Anthropocene.”
    —Berlin International Film Festival

“Deeply sensory. Robin Petré maintains a respectful distance from her subject matter avoiding anthropomorphism at all times while filming with a deeply humane perspective.”

“Petré does not use filters, showing the world as it is – starkly beautiful on the eve of disaster.”
    —Eye for Film


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