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From the Wild Sea

78 min. I England, Ireland, the Netherlands I 2021
creative documentary

As the peak of winter draws near, Europe’s marine animal rescue volunteers are bracing themselves for the rough season. Night and day, all year round, they work tirelessly to rescue coastal wildlife from life-threatening elements: Oil. Plastic. Storms. Climate change fuels violent weather across the seas, and the escalating winter storms are coming at them with an unprecedented roar. 
FROM THE WILD SEA is a poetic documentary film that zooms in on the complex collision between human and nature. We are taken on a disturbing and fascinating journey into the emerging Anthropocene Era, seen from both the human and animal perspective. As humans attempt to rescue marine creatures, each individual animal looks back at us with inquisitive eyes. FROM THE WILD SEA paints a sensorial, touching picture of our modern world while exploring how we are all connected in an immense, nuanced system stretching far beyond the human race.

Director : Robin Petré
Producer : Malene Flindt Pedersen
Cinematography : María Grazia Goya, Robin Petré
Editing : Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
Sound Design : Thomas Pape

Danish title : FRA DET VILDE HAV
Production Country : Denmark
Length : 78 minutes
Language : English, Dutch
Locations :
UK, Ireland, the Netherlands

Produced by Hansen & Pedersen
with the support of New Danish Screen


71st Berlinale *World Premiere*

Berlin International Film Festival 2021
Nominated in the Generation competition

Copenhagen, Denmark 2021 

True/False Film Festival
Columbia, Missouri, USA 2021

Maryanne Redpath, Head of the Generation section of the Berlin International Film Festival:

“[...] wild animals are suffering and dying from ingesting plastic or being injured and crushed by boats. The film opens up a space for audiences to perceive this, as well as themselves. It doesn't moralise or point a finger; it just opens up that space. You're watching these animals in really long poetic images – and those animals are looking right back at you. Thus you enter into a dialogue with the animals, which is incredibly profound, and you leave with a lot of questions. There's no clear black-and-white answer, but in order to initiate change, people need to start thinking more deeply about what's at stake. This film is confrontational in a very soft, gentle, poetic and heart-wrenching way.”

See the film’s page on the Berlinale website HERE