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ⓒ 2015-2023 Robin Petré
all rights reserved

Only on Earth

(working title)

feature length creative documentary  
in development 2023-2024

directed by Robin Petré
produced by Hansen & Pedersen (DK)

Earth is the only planet we know of where fire can burn — and the relationship between fire and all Earth’s lifeforms is both ancient and delicate. Forest fires have always occurred. But recently they’ve been changing. They move differently now. They even sound differently. And they have never been more unpredictable.
ONLY ON EARTH takes place in this new reality where unprecedented droughts rein. The film journeys deep into the mountainous area stretching across the Portuguese-Galician border and eastwards into central Spain. Here, miles and miles of windmills sprawl like alien white forests. Below them, thousands of wild horses roam: the small, sturdy bestas which have lived here for centuries. Their specially adapted grazing skills make them excellent fire preventers. But today their numbers are dwindling, and some believe they will disappear completely in the clash between human and nature. ONLY ON EARTH is an immersive and visually grandiose film anchored in fragments of life as it plays out here in this incredible landscape.