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ⓒ 2015-2024 Robin Petré
all rights reserved


creative documentary | 25’ | 2016 
filmed in Hungary

director Robin Petré
producer Robin Petré/DocNomads
cinematography Robin Petré
editing Robin Petré
sound design Rudolf Varhegyi
music by András Emszt
creative consultants Tamás Almási, Péter Forgács, Attila Kékesi, Karen Everett, Tamás Kollányi

One of Europe’s largest deer farms lies hidden in the hills of southern Hungary and is home to more than 1,500 strong red deer. The animals are essentially still wild. They were first caught in the forests and brought to the farm only 25 years ago.
PULSE is a highly sensorial film on human-animal relations and the way we co-exist with nature. The film loosely follows the beating rhythms transcending the farm, from the deer to the farmer to the electric fences separating the domesticated animals from the wild.

available for streaming here :
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Silver Dove for an Outstanding Artistic Contribution
DOK Leipzig

Best Short Documentary Film
FICMEC Intl. Environmental Film Festival
Best Documentary
FIKE Évora International Short Film Festival
Silver Eye Award/Best Short Documentary
Ji.hlava Intl. Documentary Film Festival
Green Years Award
Best Short Film
Special Mention for the Signs Award
Festival International Signes de Nuit
International Film School Award (shared prize)
Listapad Minsk Intl. Film Festival
Nominated for the Student Doc Award
Sheffield Doc/Fest
Nominated in the Premier Pas competition
Visions du Réel
Nominated in the Nordic Competition
Minimalen Short Film Festival
Nominated for the Docu/Short Award
Docudays Intl. Human Rights Doc. Film Fest
Nominated for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize
RAI Film Festival
Nominated in the International Competition
Mecal Pro Barcelona Intl. Short Film Festival
Nominated in the International Competition

Intl. Environmental Film Festival Green Vision
Nominated for the International Short Film Award
Nominated in the International Competition
Apricot Tree Intl. Documentary Film Festival
Nominated for the International Shorts Award
ForadCamp Cinema & Nature Exhibition
Nominated in the International Competition
Bozcaada Intl. Festival of Ecological Doc.
Nominated in the Intl. Short Documentary Competition
FIC AUTOR Author’s Intl. Film Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
BOGOSHORTS Bogotá Short Film Fest
European Film Festival Palic
International Film Festival Innsbruck
Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival
Cinéma Vérité Iran Intl. Doc. Film Festival
Cinema Planeta Festival Intl. de Cine y Medio Ambiente
Tokyo Documentary Film Festival

United Change
Lakeside Doc Festival
Docu Memento
Whakapapa Film Festival
Hebrides International Film Festival
FIDÉ Festival Intl. do Documentário Estudanti
BIDF Budapest International Documentary Festival
World Film Festival
MOV Intl. Student Film Festival of Pernambuc

“An entrancingly beautiful work and an astute reflection on the history and present state of this kind of animal husbandry.”
    — Ralph Eue / DOK Leipzig

“Electric power lines tower above the deer as they roam the countryside, heartbeats fluctuating in synchronicity with the seasons. Herded and transported, hunted and captured; pulses rise under human watch, which is never far.”
    — Sophie Brown / Sheffield DocFest

︎Interview – We Are Moving Stories (EN)
”My aim was to invite my audience to think for themselves and ultimately draw their own conclusions and feel what might intuitively come to them.”