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4 ½’ / Norway 2018

          The small fisherman’s town of Kjøllefjord is the stage of their improvised choreography as the dancers lend themselves to inspiration. The wintry town scenery creeps into them movement by movement, gradually enveloping and transforming them until they, too, turn into creatures of this place. The human bodies melt and merge with the wind, waves and frost.
The pale colors and the evasive quality of the Arctic light seep from frame to frame, transcending the film and the dancers. They are each possessed by their own interpretation of the Arctic town scene, and their inner characters unfold and develop both individually and together during the film.


Murmansk, Russia 2017
Dancers : Danatas Truchynskas, Sini Silveri, Liisa Heikkinen
Music : Joona Hiltunen
Idea : Robin Petré, Irina Leontyeva, Danatas Truchynskas, Sini Silveri, Liisa Heikkinen
Cinematography : Robin Petré
Editing : Robin Petré

Developed during the Uncapitals Art Residency 2018.

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